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At Superwoman Lifestyle we try to bring you stories that will inspire and move you to push harder and do more despite the obstacles you may face. And I guarantee that THIS story will do just that.

I met Jamie and Erana Tyler a couple of years ago at the gym and immediately we became friends. I have always admired their support of each other in life and business and I have personally watched them expand and grow in a short period of time. However having been in business for a while, I knew there had to be a bigger story because NOBODY makes it without obstacles and I was curious to learn more about their journey.

Jamie is a DC  homicide detective and partners in one the area’s top party and event promotions companies, J & J Entertainment Group. Erana, once a long time, high level government employee has since quit her job and gone on to rise to Ambassador Diamond level of the popular IT Works Network Marketing Company… you know that crazy wrap thing!

The two have been married for 18 years and met at work when they were only 18 and 19 years old. Many thought it wouldn’t last, but the couple has not only proved them wrong, but has done so while facing life-changing obstacles and challenges and raising three kids between them.

Tragedy struck when Erana and Jamie discovered that their youngest son Jason was 100% blind. At first all appeared to be just fine, he was born full-term and healthy. However as her mothers intuition kicked in, Erana noticed her baby boy wasn’t following her with his eyes. She took him to the doctor and after extensive testing they suggested surgery to attempt to repair what they thought was a detached retina. The surgery was unsuccessful and to this day, the doctors have absolutely no idea what caused Jason to be born with an eye condition that left him never to see the world.


The Tylers with son’s Jason and James IV

I asked the Tylers how they coped and responded to the unexpected news as young parents.

“I was devastated,” said Jamie. “We weren’t prepared for this and I remember crying for three days straight. In a flash, the dreams of playing sports with my son went out the window.”

But like a true Superwoman, Erana picked herself up and dealt with what life threw her way. She enrolled in classes to learn Braille in order to be able to help him with his homework and make it through school.  As a result of their dedication to their son and ALL of their kids, Jason is a normal boy, on the honor roll and exceptionally intelligent. Daughter Brittany graduated Cum Laude in 2012  from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore!


Brittany is a UMES grad!

But All That Glitters Is Not Gold

While the Tylers are financially doing extremely well now, a year ago it was not that way.

Erana is hands-down one of the best dressed women in the DC metropolitan area from head to toe. Make up, hair, clothes and shoes are always on point and you will never catch her slipping without her red bottoms on, I promise you that!

But the reality is that Erana’s affinity for the finer things in life was taking a toll on the couple’s finances and the arguments were escalating. Yes she looked like a million bucks, but their bank account was far from it.

“Vicki, the truth is that even though I was making over $100,000 with the government I had no money. If I had $20, I would go and find a shirt to buy for $10. We didn’t have any savings.

As a result of Jaime introducing me to IT Works, I have been able to look back and see how horrible I was with money. Poor Jamie had to deal with me all that time being irresponsible,” said Erana.


But as a result of the financial freedom IT Works has provided them, Erana was able to quit that government job. They now have more than one savings account, are debt free and they only pay by cash or check for what they want, no more running up credit cards.  The couple can now afford to take vacations with their family and the money arguments between them have gone away.

Erana’s Biggest Game-Changer As  A Result of It Works

“IT Works has made it so I can put my son on the bus every day, something I have always wanted to be able to do but could not because of my job. I am able to attend all of his programs at school.  It’s just really changed our lives.”

Jamie and Erana are partners in the IT Works business and have received numerous awards including being recognized as one of the Top 100 Money Earners in the company of over 70,000 Distributors and Top 50 for the end of the quarter!

I asked Erana why her IT Works team was so successful and one of the most sought after to be a part of.

“Even though I am at a high level with the company, I still stay in the trenches. I provide my team with all the support they need and I show up at their events to help them. Many at my level would not do that, but I believe it’s my job to help make them succeed in the business. So when people see me getting my hands dirty and providing direct support, they want to join my team, “said Erana.


Hats off to the couple who survived heartbreak and financial struggle and have now gone on to help others change their lives! Another Superwoman doing it big with her Superman in tow!

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