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Perfect Your Chaos


Being an entrepreneur is NOT easy! There are people out there who send messages that it is, but the reality is that it is not. Sure some people have truly MADE IT to the point where things are much easier, but creating the illusion of breezing through the day is a bunch of crap. Don’t believe the hype.

Here is how an entrepreneur in the grind goes about their day.

You wake up each morning with HIGH expectations that this will be THE day that you accomplish some major things.  Immediately the distractions start. You get thrown off track. Your attention wanders. Something unexpected comes up that derails you. You get that sinking feeling again that you have wasted your day. You start thinking maybe you are not cut out for this.

Then it’s time to get the kids from school and take them to their activities. And feed them. And do homework.

Now you are tired, burned out and little has been accomplished.

And so the cycle goes on and on!

That’s life! Learn to live within the chaos! Find out how to work in a way that is best for you and the dynamic of YOUR life.

Stop listening to all these gurus who tell you to JUST GET IT DONE! Stop listening to the gurus who tell you that you have to make it on 3 hours of sleep and who brag about how they get up at 3:00 am every morning to start their day. That doesn’t work for everyone. Some people literally cannot function without sleep and their immune systems will break down.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Find YOUR sweet spot. Perfect YOUR chaos.

Once you give in and accept the day will rarely go as planned, you will be better equipped to maneuver through it and still get the important stuff done.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Accept there will be chaos
  3. Stop creating unrealistic “to do” lists
  4. Focus your daily list on just 1 or 2 things you need to get done
  5. Understand you are not alone in the madness

Give yourself a break. No matter how nicely we present ourselves, behind the scenes we are ALL a bit of a hot mess! We just clean up nicely! Keep pushing!