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 Message To Market Match Trumps All


Your product or service is GREAT! It changes lives, provides a real solution to problems and genuinely gets people the results they desire.

Whenever that happens it means your market to message match was on point! The message you have designed is hitting just the RIGHT people who it’s tailor made for.

In a nutshell, that is when you have nailed it and your business will flourish as a result.

To provide an even more relevant analogy to this simple business formula, let’s look at the current presidential election.

My brother called me the other day while I was at the gym and he was agitated and annoyed. He called to vent about the media coverage of the election and the messages being put out there to “appeal” to African American voters.

Like many people I know in my circle Donald Trump’s message to black people to give him a try because we have “nothing to lose” is not only insulting and infuriating, but the message falls flat, doesn’t resonate and sounds downright ignorant.

Translation? The market to message match is completely off with a HUGE segment of the African American community.

Now we can argue all day if his message was not really intended to woo or persuade black people, but rather to appeal to moderates he needs to feel comfortable voting for him. That’s another topic.

But for the sake of this marketing point, let’s pretend that was a genuine appeal from Trump to convince black people they should vote for him.

My brother Sean was furious because he and his friends don’t sit around talking about minimum wage. He doesn’t leave his house for work every morning in Brooklyn zig zagging down the street in an effort to avoid getting shot and the last time I checked he isn’t living in poverty and actually has a good job putting his college degree from UMass to use.

So Trump’s message is like a foreign language to him and he feels overlooked and left out and is quite weary of the poverty talk.

I could totally relate. As I think about my friends from childhood on up to the friendships I have fostered over the years, I just don’t know anyone dodging bullets when they leave their house. Of all the events I have hosted and parties I have been to, I just can’t recall chatting one time with anyone about minimum wage over a glass of wine.

My African American friends who are comprised of principals, teachers, business owners, police officers, firefighters etc. are not living in poverty. Their kids go to good schools many of them paying for private school. They aren’t walking down the streets of their neighborhoods dodging bullets, in fact many of them are driving down their streets in Bentleys, Lambos, Benz’s, Aston Martins, Beamers, Audi’s and every car you can imagine as they leave the house they OWN.

This overall message of poverty and despair for all black people isn’t hitting home for the people I know. My friends didn’t grow up trying to avoid getting shot, we played in the streets of our modest neighborhoods with hard working parents who managed to send us to college.

Are there people living in poverty? OF COURSE! There are poor people of every race you can think of who do live in neighborhoods where gunshots are an everyday occurrence. There are many people who are concerned about minimum wage and very concerned about the quality of the schools for their kids. These things are a genuine concern for many people but that message is not for ALL black people.

So to portray all black people with the SAME message of hopelessness as if they live in the trenches of hell is pretty much a joke and is not resonating with a HUGE segment of the population.

The message is off. It is not a match and as a result Trump’s numbers with black people are pretty much non-existent.

The result? Little to no conversion.

When you are marketing your product or service, you HAVE to intimately know your market and what they are craving. What do they want? What solutions do they need? What message is going to resonate with them to the point they feel you “get it.”  That you understand them and can feel what they are going through and therefore they choose YOU.

If you don’t align your message with the right people, no matter how good your product or service is, you won’t be able to convert. So stop tweaking your already awesome product or service and get to work on crafting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people!

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