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Handle Your Business Like a BOSS!

The blogs have been going crazy reporting on the alleged break up between celebrity stylist DiAndre Tristan and Tamar Braxton. While the two appeared to have been thick as thieves for several months, that train has come to a screeching halt if these reports are indeed true.

The back story alludes to the fact that DiAndre was given a huge opportunity to style clothing and dress the singing super star. While DiAndre already made a name for himself styling people on the Today Show like Robin Roberts, I am sure the allure of working with the oh so popular and highly visible Tamar Braxton was UP there on the bucket list, and rightfully so.

As DiAndre’s popularity has grown even more as a result of his association with Tamar, it seems she didn’t appreciate him suddenly requiring to be compensated for his work.

Regardless if ALL of the facts of this report are true, I do see this happen all the time, so let’s focus on the situation. We all have a wish list of highly visible clients within our industries that if given the opportunity to work with, we know can catapult our businesses to the next level.  After all, one good celebrity or high profile endorsement is sometimes all you need to become the most sought after in your niche of the market.

But here is where it gets tricky…no matter how excited you initially are, you really need to THINK about if giving your services away for free (or charging pennies) will pay off in the long run, or end up being a huge nightmare.

The fact of the matter is that if you are doing the work and putting in the time, at some point the celebrity allure is going to wear off when you realize you need to pay your bills! What was once an amazing opportunity is now leaving you feeling taken advantage of and very resentful.

The Two Sides Always Think Differently

On the other end of the spectrum, the person or celebrity who “put you on” and gave you a chance feels as if they did their part. They “made” you. If it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t have all these other people wanting to work with you. Therefore you should be eternally grateful and in debt to them… and how DARE you try to come back now and be compensated.

The problem is both sides are correct and you have a couple of choices if you are ever faced with this situation.

One, look at working with the person/celeb as a marketing tool for your business, after all the time you put in with them is paying off by way of all the other people who are now hiring you as a result of your affiliation with them.  In this case, it could very well be worth it, but only YOU can determine that.

Two, when the celeb or person initially gives you the BIG opportunity to work for them, once you calm down from the giddiness of it all, put your business hat back on QUICK and present them with a plan right away.  Perhaps you tell them that you are willing to prove yourself and provide your services for free or substantially discounted for 6 months to a year at which time if they are happy, the two of you can sit down and draw up a contract for fair paid services. 

This way the expectations are clear from the beginning and more than fair. Handling things this way takes the pressure off of you, eliminates resentment and puts you both on the same page. And yes, you should also put this initial agreement in writing because people do get amnesia!


I have entered into contracts with celebrities and personal friends who I have done business with. NEVER do I go in expecting anything for free and vice versa. Some of my best friends and I have done business before and we write our checks, sign our contracts, make our money together and the friendship REMAINS intact with no problem at all.

It’s okay to have a friendship with someone you do business with ONLY if you have a contract in place and handle the business the same way you would with a stranger…Like a BOSS!

All that “hook me up, I thought we were friends mess” is exactly that…A BIG mess!

So we have to ask, have you ever been in this situation? Leave your comments below…