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Do you ever wonder why so many women entrepreneurs are struggling to make consistent profit and REALLY explode their businesses? (meanwhile the guys are WINNING)

While there can be several contributing factors, one of the main ones are the LIES being told and pumped into the market about entrepreneurship!

Ever see someone you know in real life all of a sudden pop up and be an expert in something you KNOW they have no training in because you like REALLY KNOW THEM? LOL

There is a reason you see so many new coaches, consultants, branding experts and businesses every day.

Because reading up on rhetoric on google is easy. All you have to do is memorize it and repeat it. You don’t have to have done it, you can just “talk” about it.  And so everyone is an expert by talking about things they read up on. No training investment. No actual experience doing it. Just talking bout it!

But that results in two things. A short-lived stint in entrepreneurship because people will eventually figure out you get no results. And two the inability to make money from it will eventually lead to giving up.

It takes REAL skill to generate income in your business. Not only skill in your gift or expertise but skill in marketing that baby! No matter how great you are at what you do, if you can’t attract clients and get them to say Yes to working with you, then your gifts will go unnoticed.

People who want to be speakers are being lied to. EVERYONE and their mamma has a story to tell. Everyone has gone through some life ordeals.  Creating that message does not make people want to hear it OR pay you for it.  To be a successful paid speaker you have to know the BUSINESS of speaking. Of getting booked. Of getting checks. And learn it from someone who actually gets checks themselves and makes a living as a paid speaker. (the majority of speaker trainers themselves aren’t getting checks)

There is a HUGE hustle in the market going on, and YOU have to get savvy to avoid the pitfalls!

 This huge lie and mess is why everyone is speaking everywhere they can for FREE hoping to be discovered. UGH, drives me insane!

People will tell you they can “Brand You.”  And that having a brand is all you need to get people interested in you. Another BIG lie. Nobody is going to invest with you because you created a business name, logo, and tag line. People don’t buy your brand. They buy the RESULTS you can get them.

Consumers don’t care that much about you, sorry. They care more about what you can do FOR them. They pay for solutions. And if you can get them that positive result, then that is great. But if you cannot, they are on to the next.  So a brand alone will do nothing for you until you EARN that brand and name as someone who is the real deal and can get it DONE!  THAT is when your brand starts to work for you!

No matter how you spin it, not much you do in business works without putting systems in place to MAKE it work. Nothing works without a flow of clients finding you. Nothing works without a system of getting people to say yes to you.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look around at all the struggling entrepreneursThe ones thriving focus on systems and client attraction. Not fluff and shiny objects.

Do yourself a favor. Learn how to strategically drive your own profits. Learn how to tap into the millions of people out there and stop playing small in your local area fighting and fishing for the same clients in that same old stale dried up pond.

There is a whole world of opportunity out there, but until you learn how to reach those people with systems, you will stay stuck and playing way too small.

No clients… no business.  We are ALL in  need of MORE and BETTER clients!

At my Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event we are teaching people just that! The SYSTEMS for client attraction and how to get people to say YES to YOU!

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