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Superfoods That Enhance Glowing Skin

Between graduations, end of school parties, vacation travel and the warmer climate, the additional motion can cause stress to your skin. Stress, hormone imbalances, sugary or salty foods, and cold or hot weather prevent our pores from operating at their optimal potential. Now that summer is officially only a week or so away-there are certain superfoods that you can enjoy that will balance your skin’s health as it springs into summer.

Superfoods are a special category of foods found in nature that are low in calories; yet, nutrient dense. They are fabulous sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients needed by our body to produce healthy cells. Since the vast majority of beauty begins from the inside and is directly correlated to our bodies receiving and then processing proper nutrients, research has identified superfoods as “miracle foods.” Superfoods are thought to naturally reverse the signs of aging due to the high amounts of anti-oxidants they contain. Brandistas you can’t go wrong introducing superfoods into your diet this summer.

The following are known to support glowing healthy skin.

Vibrant Skin
Summer can be taxing on our skin due to hot weather and humidity. Adding more natural hydration and regular exfoliation helps but consuming a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables will give your skin a natural glow.

Superfood Picks: Carontenoids – carrots, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, broccoli and leafy greens and pumpkins all contain high doses of carontenoids.

Clear Skin
During the summer we tend to sweat more, require more care from us to keep our pores clean. With the extra wear and tear, Isoflavones will help reduce lines and increase the elasticity of skin.
Superfood Picks: Soy: soy milk, soybeans (there are plenty of foods with soybeans high in the ingredients list) and edamame.  Cabbage: purple cabbage contains 6-8 times more vitamin c than green cabbage. Cabbage is an anti-inflammatory so it lowers cortisol levels, while containing healthy doses of vitamin a, c, and e.
No matter the season, acne is never fun. Eating foods high in Zinc is a great way to naturally control your body’s excess oil production. Prevent acne from ever surfacing on your skin because it naturally controls. Zinc plays an important role in boosting collagen production, leaving added elasticity as well.

Superfood Picks: oysters, lamb, spinach, beans, and cocoa-powder

Inflammatory Skin Conditions and Allergic Reactions
Environmental and food allergies are common causes for skin breakouts. Although I don’t recommend indulging in foods that you are allergic to, I do recommend the consumption of red grapes as a natural antihistamine. Having a natural build up of antihistamine is ideal to combat skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema + having a healthy dose of antioxidants are beneficial for you too. Red grapes are great for that!

Superfood Picks: seeded red grapes, broccoli, sweet potato and salmon

Sun Protection
My absolute favorite indulgence of all superfoods is definitely Dark Chocolate! Dark chocolate contains the antioxidant flavonoid, which protect the skin against sun damage, according to the Journal of Nutrition, leaving your skin soft and supple!
Superfood Picks: dark chocolate, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, or raspberries

Overall Healthy Skin
The number one “miracle/super food” for healthy skin, water! Water is the most effective way to hydrate your body and flush it of toxins. Sufficient water keeps your brain fully functional, helps reduce stress, aids in weight control and keeps your skin supple, soft and clear.

Ultimate Superfood Pick: water

Have fun enjoying the deliciousness and nutritional benefits of various superfoods as you water + weather proof your skin this summer!

By Contributing Writer/Blogger, Courtney Rhodes, @TheBrandista