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When Perfection Kills Your Profits

UGH! I am so sick and tired of the social media grammar police! Seems like everyone’s claim to fame these days is scoping out social media posts to “catch” someone misspelling a word or using poor grammar.

While grammatically correct written posts and emails are important, the reality is it is often impossible when you are running your business, implementing and moving with speed. Mistakes are going to occur no matter how many college degrees you have.

With so many critics scrutinizing your every move, many people are becoming paralyzed with fear and have gone into “Perfect Patty” mode.

We were taught in school and college that perfect English, spelling and grammar was a MUST for ultimate success.

But the need and desire to have everything perfect in our life and business before you make a move is severely hindering your progress and profits.

Listen in on how Perfection is sabotaging your business and how I recently made the decision to ignore my critics in favor of getting GREAT results with grammatical errors and all! BLOOP!