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5 Signs You Just May Be A Lazy Marketer


Who the hell doesn’t get tired! I sure do! Living a Superwoman Lifestyle isn’t easy and each day can be a struggle.

Let me guess! Every day you wake up with good intentions! Every day is THE day you are going to have at least 5 business breakthroughs and really buckle down to get some work done right?

But then after the adrenaline, energy drinks and coffee wears off you are just plain tired, sometimes confused and just looking for a short cut to get it done.

Sound familiar?

Well guess what? No matter how tired you are…DON’T DO IT! Short cuts lead to a pattern of laziness when it comes to the things in our business we should be giving all of our attention to.

I remember being called a LAZY MARKETER on more than one occasion and trust me, you don’t want to go there because the laziness will show up in the results!

On today’s Podcast show I break down “5 Signs You Just May Be a Lazy Marketer” and how you can break that cycle before it’s too late.



Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance!