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Bershan Shaw Fulfills Her Life Purpose By Inspiring Others

I had an amazing conversation with Bershan Shaw, one of the stars of my favorite reality show, LOVE IN THE CITY on the OWN Network. What a breath of fresh air to see African American women portrayed in a way that is much more normal to most of us and more of a reflection of our own lives and those of our girlfriends. While many of the other shows out there are entertaining, I don’t think the majority of us spend our time flipping tables and fighting as adults.

Love In The City follows the lives of four women, Kiyah, Bershan, Chenoa and Tiffany who are living in New York City and who have genuine friendships and history together. We see their ups, their downs and how they band together to support each other in all aspects of life.

I have been particularly intrigued with Bershan due to the fact she was able to overcome a devastating diagnosis of cancer and being told she had a few months to live. I asked Bershan what made her say yes to reality TV and make the decision to expose her life to millions of people.

After receiving the news that she had stage 4 breast cancer, Bershan says she realized that she was a vessel and her purpose was to help others find their inner warrior.

But backing up a little, I wanted for Bershan to take me through the feelings she experienced in the exact moment her doctor told her she had only 3 months to live, something the majority of us cannot even fathom.

“I was numb. I was like God, this can’t be my life. The Dr. asked if I believed in miracles and I told him of course I do and I got up and walked out. I believe in God and miracles and nothing is impossible or too good to be true,” Bershan said.

Since taking that stance Bershan has been cancer free a total of 7 years. One of the promises she made was to help people deal with whatever challenges they were experiencing in life from divorce, health issues, or self-image.

Love In The City is helping Bershan to get her message out in a much bigger way. The show is a great platform for showing people that they have to dig deep to find their inner warrior. She has created a forum for doing just that. The URAWarrior forum was designed to give people a place to connect with others who are going through life’s challenges in the areas of health, relationships, work, and family. She describes it as the “facebook of support.”

Bershan is a life coach with a no nonsense approach. She calls us on our BS and forces us to face the truth about ourselves and our lives. Ironically, Bershan came up with the idea of the URAWarrior forum in the chemo room while treating her cancer. Her friends who would come to visit her would end up talking to her about their problems ranging from pending divorces to alcoholism, but one thing remained constant. Everybody would swear her to secrecy and ask her not to tell anyone. Everyone was suffering in silence and didn’t want anyone else to know their lives weren’t so perfect after all and it was one big façade. The forum is a safe haven for people to get it all out.

Bershan is pretty pleased with her first season portrayal on the show. While she admits to being critical of herself as all women are when it comes to scrutinizing your make-up or weight, the girls banded together every weekend to watch the show and support each other. Many of their friendships go back 15 to 20 years and so their ability to work through conflict without getting physical and downright crazy stems from them having real history and genuinely caring about each other.


Bershan Expands Her Brand

In addition to the URAWARRIOR forum, Bershan also has a jewelry line she designed to remind her she is constantly moving forward. Each piece of jewelry has “I am a warrior” on it as a constant reminder that you are strong and you can push through.

She is also the author of the book, “URAWARRIOR, 365 Ways To Challenge You To A Better Life.” It’s a self-help book complete with action steps where Bershan challenges you to do something different every day.

I am very impressed with Bershan and her mission to help others overcome their struggles in life and I was curious to know how it feels to now have this responsibility on her shoulders.

“I told God I will help people. Two women came up to me and told me I inspire them, they love the way I handle conflict and I don’t back down. They told me I am their hero and a warrior. It’s about helping one person at a time little by little. Never say I am not smart enough, or skinny enough, nothing is too good to be true, it is supposed to be yours,” Bershan said.

Bershan and I chopped it up about health and fitness and how living a better life has got to be an entire lifestyle in mind, body and soul and how important taking care of your body is. While she has always been into health and fitness, these days she takes it to another level.

“I changed my thoughts and the way I eat. Your body is your temple. I do yoga and exercise because it makes me feel good, and I rarely drink. When you go through something as devastating as I did you wake up. Health and wellness and good living starts on the inside. People always focus on the outside, but you have to choose YOU from the inside and work your way out,” said Bershan.

Bershan’s life coaching and powerful messages are something I encourage all women to connect to. She has been through hell and back and is now using her experience and wisdom to pull others up so that they too can experience an authentic life and know they are not alone through the power of truth and good old human connection.

Berhsan will be doing 3 workshops in June you can find out more about on her website at
Catch her on twitter: @bershanshaw
Instagram: @bershanshaw

And whatever you do, make sure you tell as many people as possible about the forum.

Special thank you to Superwoman Bershan Shaw for sharing her inspiring story and changing lives. We appreciate YOU!