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Get Over It, It’s A Part Of The Journey


You have changed! You don’t act the same! Why are you doing that? You are crazy!

Sound familiar? If you are moving up in life and have made the smart decision that you want more for yourself, then these phrases I can pretty bet my life on, you have heard!

Having been in business for myself for 10 years now I think I have heard and seen it all.

Here is the sad reality. Haters aren’t always internet trolls and strangers who stop by to post negative comments. Many of them are friends and family!

Friends you just KNEW would be so happy for your progress in life! Family members you just KNEW would be the first ones to support you.

Well, how did that work out for you? Lol

Here’s the uncut truth and you are just going to have to learn how to suck it up and deal with it.

Whenever you make the decision to do more and be more in life, you are going to make other people uncomfortable. You are reminding them that they have not met their goals nor are they doing anything to reach them. You are stirring something inside of them that they deep down know they should be doing but they are not. But rather than admit that, they take it out on you.

Don’t Take It Personal

Don’t take it personal. Your growth is merely a reflection of them giving up and it hurts.

People are good with you when they feel you are their equal. You are the best person ever as long as you are not trying to go higher.

The minute you do that you have suddenly “changed.”

Everyone teaches their kids to go the extra mile. That they can be whatever they want to be in life and to strive to be the best. But somehow those same people cheering on their kids have a problem doing the same thing for their adult friends.

Kinda makes you say hmmmmm!

Continue to be great! Nobody has the right to make you feel bad about your personal growth. Wanting more for yourself and your family is something I admire in ANYBODY.

Sadly, many people are so affected by the idea of losing friends that they will actually stop pursuing their goals in order not to “rock the boat.”

Well I say rock that boat until it tips overs! All relationships have a shelf life! Some are for a lifetime, and some for a season. It’s a normal cleansing process and must be done.

Find some new friends! Ones that are motivated and inspired and have goals. Connect with mentors and people going places! People who view your decision to be successful as a GOOD thing.

Never ever allow the insecurities of others to stop you from becoming ALL that you can be in life! Yup, it my hurt, but trust me when I say you WILL get over it!

And if you have nobody in your corner become your BIGGEST cheerleader! And know that people like me are very proud of you!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,