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Why Mom IS Truly A Special Woman

My mom, Sonia White is truly a special woman. Not only has she been a single mother raising three kids while working more than one job, but she also finds a way to give back to her community as well. An xray-tech and having lost her grandmother to breast cancer my mother took the initiative to reach out and join The Sisters Network. She brought me with her to her first meeting and I watched as she eloquently made her case. She was never diagnosed with breast cancer like many of the women there, but felt strongly enough about the cause and their mission to join such an organization. They accepted her with open arms. Volunteering at their annual breast cancer walks, community events, and attending the House lighting ceremony became a part of our lives.

But she didn’t stop there. A few years ago she became involved with a non-profit organization called MOCAH, The Museum of Cultural Arts Houston. (recently changed to Reginald Adams LLC.) This non-profit, now a business, specializes in the outreach of public art in Houston. Transforming local playgrounds, renowned businesses, historical sights, and bringing local professionals together through community art projects are a few ways they have done this. And through the majority of these impactful projects, my mom was there to help.


Even if she’d worked a 12 hour shift the night before, you’d see her out there with everyone at 7 or so in the morning. Those days always astonished me, and still do. How was she be able to work all night into the morning, and still be there for her friends? MOCAH also has a women’s art group called Queens of Creativity in which my mother took the initiative to join. Although not an artist she helps these women in their efforts of female empowerment.

My Mom Lost Her Job

As many experience hard times, my mother is no stranger. Last year she lost her job of 9 years at the hospital, and had to settle only working for her part time job. By the grace of God her part-time worked with her in giving her more hours whenever they could. A few short months later they featured her for an employee highlight. She was interviewed and posted to the clinic’s website.

Working for an ER clinic who also gives back, my mother took her efforts further. Last November we slept out for The Covenant House Houston’s annual Sleep Out fundraising event. It was a life changing twelve hour experience. About a month later my mom took my brothers and I back to The Covenant House with free donations from her job. She helped supply water bottles, bags, bike emergency lights, and a few first aid kits to these homeless teens. They were so grateful it makes me smile reminiscing about it. My mom is a wonderful and kind- hearted woman. I’ve seen her give more than she receives on numerous occasions, even through her times of struggle.

She plans to write a book on her lost job to help others who may go through the same thing know how to emotionally and professionally deal with it. This woman is changing the world in small ways that are huge! And she isn’t close to finished. I Love her and feel she is special just for being an amazing mother to my brothers and I.

My dreams have continuously come true because of her investment in my life. I am proud to say she is my mother. Everyone goes through hard times and struggles, but I’ve seen my mom get up and continue to, and that is a beautiful thing.

Love Your Daughter,

You Inspire Us ALL Sonia! Happy Mother’s Day From The Superwoman Lifestyle Family And We Hope You Enjoy Your Lipstick From The SWL Collection, You Deserve It!