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If you look around, you will definitely see a high percentage of our little girls who are fatherless. These little girls will one day become women. There are also a percentage of millennial women today whom are more than likely fatherless, or have been at some point in their lives. I was a FATHERLESS DAUGHTER at the height of my childhood and teens. Now, as a grown woman, I can speak for several other fatherless daughters when I say we will forever have a broken heart.

The latest bag, weave, outfit, or shoe isn’t enough to satisfy the pain that resides deep inside of us all. There are a lot of fatherless daughters excited when different men buy them the latest of EVERYTHING. You’re trying to fill a void you can never fill. Money, Cars, Shoes, and Clothes are tangible. A Father’s Love is forever.

I’m not saying my father is a horrible person because I love him more than life itself. However, he chose to keep his distance because he couldn’t get along with my mom. This caused him to miss out on the times I needed him during a breakup, my track meets, and when I pursued modeling. It’s just nothing like a father’s love. It took me to go through several relationships to find our that maybe my issue is within.

For those women that are having a hard time with your child’s father and you feel as though he is abandoning his child, sometimes his battle is with you. Sometimes he is upset with himself. No excuses and Wrong Indeed. I know. However, there are a lot of men who would rather run from the woman he laid down with than be there for his child. Horrible. I know. Let it go. Don’t go into 2016 fighting a battle you will never win. Let the courts handle it. Let God handle it. You may have to be the mature parent.

Stop the Drama and show your child what real co-parenting is all about.

For those women with child support going unpaid, driving back and forth to court, barely making it. I know you feel as though life is unfair. How does he get to leave you to take care of a child both of you created together?  It will get handled. Don’t give up, but also don’t let your young life go to waste attempting to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. You will look up, your child is headed to college, child support has ended, and you’re lonely.

Live for you and your child. Show your child the most love you can now and never take your pain out on them!

My father came back later and apologized. It was then that I realized in order for me to be the best me;

I needed to learn this one thing…


There are men today who think their woman is angry, difficult to live with, or crazy. Her battle isn’t with you. The battle she is fighting, you would never understand.  In relationships, The Fatherless Daughter will choose a man and make him make up for her loss. I’ve been there. We expect men to give us everything, and more. We don’t have realistic expectations of people. It’s hard for us to trust. We come off as independent women because we’ve had to do so much on our own. Some of us had to watch our friends have a dad in the household while we never even saw our mom show a man affection.

Men don’t understand this and it’s causing them to run from their child’s mother or present relationships.

No matter what women say, what’s on reality shows, and what’s in the media…


Men are put here for us. Every woman has that one special man for her.

To my Fatherless Daughters, open your heart, and forgive your father, so that you can find and love the man destined for you.

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