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R&B Diva Chante Moore Conquers Musical Milestone

An artist with a career resurrected to this level doesn’t happen too often. Chante Moore has always been widely considered one of the most underrated singers in the business since she exploded on the scene with such hits as “It’s Alright,” Chante’s Got A Man,” and “Loves Taken Over.”

With the partnership of her friend and manager Cheryl-Cobb Debrosse, the two began a grass roots effort to bring this beautiful songbird back to the forefront and remind everyone why we fell in love with her years ago.

A true testament to her growing popularity is the breaking news that Chante Moore will be showcased as one of the key lead singers in the historical Jubilee Show at Bally’s in Las Vegas!

Jubilee has outlasted every showgirl production and every Vegas show in history since it debuted in 1981.

Beyonce With Creative Director Frank Gatson Jr.

Beyonce With Creative Director Frank Gatson

What’s Beyonce Got To Do With This?

Jubilee didn’t just hire anyone, they have gone all out and enlisted world renowned Director and Choreographer Frank Gatson Jr., Beyonce’s creative director to run the entire production. Frank has refreshed the entire show while still maintaining the core elements of the original. He’s added new choreography, a story narrative and an empowering message while giving the show a culturally contemporary twist. 

This is exciting, as I believe Beyonce has had some of the most talked about stage shows and concerts under the amazing direction of Frank and I can’t wait to see him breathe new life into Jubilee. Besides Beyonce, Frank has worked with such artists and icons as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton and Jennifer Lopez.

So Do We Get To See Chante Moore Topless?

Not so fast…Chante herself will NOT be topless, she will be adorned in over the top beautiful handmade costumes complete with elaborate headdresses.

Although some of the performers will be topless, the show is tastefully done with nearly 100 showgirls and showboys kicking dancing, and singing their way through 95 minutes of continuous over-the-top numbers like the sinking of the Titanic, and Samson and Delilah. Colorful costumes, plenty of feather headdresses and show-stopping entrances on the grand staircase promise to put audiences in a Las Vegas trance flavored with tradition.


Speaking exclusively to Superwoman Lifestyle, I asked Chante’s manager Cheryl how Chante feels about this coveted role that has come her way,

“She is over the moon, performing in a major show like this to an international crowd in Vegas is something she has always wanted to do.  She is both overwhelmed but excited about the magnitude of the opportunity and thrilled that this dream has finally come true,” said Cheryl.

Chante joins Gladys Knight & Toni Braxton as one of the few African American women to appear in a Vegas show or to be showcased in a major capacity or role.

Terri Ellis of En Vogue will kick off the show March 17th with Chante stepping in on March 24th and  performing 5-6 nights per week until Arpil 13th.  R&B singer Luke James will also appear in the production.

From a managerial perspective, I was curious to know how Cheryl felt about this milestone in her client’s career,

“This is a great opportunity for Chante to shine in front of an international audience and show other Vegas powerhouses what she’s got. The show will receive a ton of press from both national and international medias so I am proud and happy her talents will be exposed to such a diverse crowd of people, many who will have traveled very far to see the revamped production. It’s a very big deal,” said Cheryl.


Chante just wrapped season two of the hit reality TV show, R&B Divas LA and has been selling out venues both in and out of the US. Her diehard fans, many of whom affectionately refer to themselves as her “ImMooretals” are thrilled to see this lady front and center finally getting the recognition she deserves. Her new CD Moore Is More is currently available on Amazon, Itunes and in music stores, and is steadily climbing the charts.

Tickets are selling quickly so if you want to catch Chante Moore perform in this historical Vegas show, make sure you grab your seats now by calling:  855-234-7469 or 702-777-2782.

Congratulations Chante Moore you are an amazing Superwoman!