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Snakes In Stilettos


I can’t tell you how many times I have had to council my clients and business colleagues on how to basically KEEP THEIR MOUTH shut!

When it comes to what you are doing as far as your business dealings, you have to walk a thin line. On one hand, as a marketer for your business it is your job to show people what you do, how you have helped clients and how you get people positive results.

But on the other hand you have to be careful. I have had people tell people of influence that they are my coaching clients in order to use my name as a way to get “in” with them. Completely false. This was an eye opener.

When you announce too much of what you are doing, there are people who will go behind your back and attempt to go after your same deals.

There are people who watch what you post, what you write and will start using your same language and knock off everything you are doing. I see my stuff jacked daily, but when you are an innovator or leader it’s part of the game.

When your business starts to pump, you no longer have to announce every single thing and opportunity that has come your way.  When you start working with the RIGHT clients, you will understand that not all clients want to be showcased.  I have private clients who don’t want their faces put out there.  Seven figure clients in certain industries that want discretion and anonymity.

In a day and age when everyone wants fast results, there are people out there looking to shortcut the process. If you make it easy for them by telling every client you have, every opportunity and every venture, then you can’t be surprised when someone dupes your style, language or attempts to go after your same ventures.

With social media basically taking over people’s lives, it has become a fierce battle to post your every move in an attempt to appear as if you are doing well. People will post their every business move not knowing they are harming themselves, because there is always someone going behind your back to jack you and your deals.

The TRULY successful don’t have that kind of time. They move in silence and share just a glimpse of what they have going on. Admittedly I used to share way too much until I learned how people would use the information to their advantage.  I now prefer to collect checks, clients and opportunity in silence.

Always remember in life and business, everybody is not your friend, every supporter is really not supporting you, and the world is full of snakes and sharks in stilettos!

Silence can truly be golden!

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance!