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Are you a Flip Flopper?


Entrepreneurs have sooooooo many ideas! I bet you stay up at night thinking of all kinds of great things you can do in your business. Yup, I get it!


Don’t be a flip flopper! I see people all the time who switch up who they are, what they do, what brand they promote all the time!

It’s like one week you are this and the next one you are that.

People see what others are doing with success and start to incorporate that into what they do. They start to sound like other people, use their same language, it’s clear and obvious and just NOT GOOD!

After all, if what you have been doing was working, you wouldn’t need to jump to the next thing so often, right?

So rather than watch what others are doing, it’s better to figure out what works for YOU so that you can stand out.  You NEVER want to be considered someone who is confused and doesn’t have their own unique identity, people notice it BIG TIME!

The way you command higher prices is to work on your skills sets and the results you get your clients. You don’t want to be just another person in a crowded market doing what everyone else does. People don’t pay a premium for that.

If you want to make big money, you have to become CAPABLE of making big money.

Focus on bringing value others cannot, don’t look for shortcuts.

People ask me all the time how my business got successful and here it is…

I have studied at a higher level than most and I focused on KEY things that few have. I worked on my specialized knowledge and got really good at it. I didn’t take the easy way out. I didn’t focus on the easy stuff. That’s a dime a dozen.

So I now have something to offer that others do not. That is how you separate yourself and that is how you attract your DREAM Clients.

So stop looking to be someone you are not.  Focus on your core strengths and get the VALUE you bring to others UP!

Modeling what others do on the surface will not get you their same results! But working on what YOU bring to the table at a high level is what will!


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