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I had a chance to sit down and chat with actor, dancer and choreographer Darrin DeWitt Henson, he was hosting an event in Virginia that one of my clients was holding and I came out to support and grab an interview for my Superwoman Lifestyle followers.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, I think I was looking for the character Lem he played in the hit TV series Soul Food, it’s funny how we unconsciously expect for actors to actually be like who they portray, but I guess that is a testament to really good acting.

Instead Darrin was warm, friendly and gave you the feeling you knew him for years. And yes ladies, he is just as handsome in person as on the big screen!

We chatted about what he has been up to and what he has coming up…which I KNOW you will be happy to hear about, because I am pretty excited myself!

I found out that Darrin is more than an actor and dancer, he is also an author of two books, a speaker/lecturer and a director as well. Refreshingly he is a deeply intellectual and socially conscious man. I consider myself pretty intelligent too, however I have to admit that many of the words he used made me wish I had a pocket dictionary in my purse!

I asked Darrin about the role he recently played on an episode of the hit series “Being Mary Jane” starring Gabrielle Union. Immediately his train of thought veered to the types of TV shows we as a society seem to devour.

“Being Mary Jane and shows like Scandal are somewhat dysfunctional,” Darrin said.

He explained that as a society we are celebrating and enjoying watching these types of shows and as a result what is happening, is that life is beginning to imitate art and what we see on TV.

His concern is that in many households TV is raising our kids and the children are becoming a product of what they see with an absence of positive life lessons coming from parents who are making their kids a priority. Instead Darrin desires for us to move away from that so that we can imitate intelligence and experience an expansion of higher levels of learning.


Darrin recently starred in the movie Black Coffee along with Lamman Rucker which I admitted to him I haven’t yet seen, and yes he gave me the side eye! Black coffee is based on taking responsibility for yourself in all realms of life including love, family and life in general while being willing to do what is necessary to reach your ultimate goal.

Darrin Henson

Darrin Is Amazing With Kids

My son was with me and Darrin’s interaction with him was amazing. Particularly funny was my son’s boredom while I was interviewing, he was NOT impressed with some guy from a movie he had never heard of called Soul Food…That was until he found out Darrin was THE guy in Stomp The Yard! Then it was game on and he wanted a picture! All of sudden Mr. Darrin was super cool. No loyalty!

Soul Food Reunion, Yes Or No?

And then the news that was music to my ears…We may just see a Soul Food Reunion show sooner that you think. Darrin told me negotiations are going on and if all things work out, we might have our favorite black family back on our screens gathered around the dining room table eating food that makes our mouth water! Fingers Crossed!!!

Darrin was off to wear one of his many other hats that included giving a lecture in Fresno, that deep intellect is serving him well! He has a lot to say and is definitely taking responsibility by being a celebrity with a platform who is using it to inspire and motivate others to do more, be more and hold themselves to a high standard.

Check out Darrin Henson doing his version of Chris Brown’s Fine China

Darrin left an amazing impression on me and don’t be surprised if you see the two of us working together really soon, he would add some amazing value to the Superwoman Lifestyle Movement!

Please visit Darrin’s website where you can buy his latest book, “Ain’t That The Truth” as well as other merchandise including his 2014 calendar that features him looking pretty darn good in ALL 12 months, I have definitely got my copy of both!

Follow Darrin on Twitter:  @MrDhen

So we gotta ask, are YOU excited about a Soul Food Reunion?