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Huffington Post,, Success Magazine, Madame Noire, Black Enterprise…. Ever imagine your content, articles or opinions appearing in these publications?

Most people who HAVE made it into these publications had to pay pricey PR firms to get there.  But imagine if YOU had the skillset to get YOURSELF there? Imagine if you knew exactly what to say, how to say it and who to say it to in order to land yourself a prime spot?

My guest on today’s Podcast teaches entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, bloggers, writers and business owners JUST how to do it with her signature “Perfect Pitch” system!

Patrice Tartt is an accomplished best-selling author with some amazing talents designed to boost your positioning and presence in your industry which leads to MORE profit in your business. She is a contributing writer to some of the most highly respected blogs and magazines today!

Patrice is also one of the presenters at my Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event Media Training Day where she will be sharing her system and letting us in on some of her secrets!

I personally know how important it is to shift your position in the market from one of just another entrepreneur to that of an industry leader… and appearing in big name publications is definitely one of the steps to doing just that.

Listen in as I grill Patrice on the PERFECT PITCH!



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