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A Beauty Obsession: Healthy, Glowing, Supple Skin

Brandistas, as we’ve come to learn, true beauty is the culmination of what’s brewing inside: our energy, the health of our inner spirit and the essence of how we feel about ourselves. Yet, it’s important to remember that our inside and outside are inextricably linked. There is nowhere this is more apparent than through the health and condition of our largest organ: our skin. The inner virtues we carry aren’t always apparent to those around us. The part of us that is obvious to others represents a culmination of our ‘inner selves,’ positioned with our physical appearance. The beauty of both, the inner and outer, flourishes through tender loving care and attention.

Our skin’s appearance and condition are direct influences of our internal health, and physical care regime. Our outer beauty is reflected through a myriad of things, one being healthy, clear and glowing skin. Good skin care is not a simple beauty routine: it remains one of the biggest beauty factors influencing brandistas of all ages and ethnicities.

In being honest with ourselves, often times, a part of our self-confidence is related to the quality and condition of our outer appearance, our skin, our hair and our weight. These manifestations are all a part of how we present ourselves to the world. Yet, when I’m having a bad hair day, I can grab a cute hat or rock a head scarf to accentuate my style. When I’ve gained a few pounds, I where clothing that is less body conscious, however, when I have a skin breakout- arghh, there isn’t much for a brandista to do, short of making the problem more obvious by adding too much makeup.

Never place your skin condition into the dry, oily, normal, combination and sensitive category without revisiting it seasonally. Most skin conditions change with seasonal, hormonal and/or diet changes. Properly taking care of your skin requires consistency. Find a routine that works and do it everyday, morning and night.

Remember these tips along your journey to achieving and maintaining beautiful skin:

• Always cleanse, even if you aren’t using a cleanser with soap or detergent as the base. In the winter months skin is naturally its driest, may opt for a less abrasive process of cleansing. Consider a pure water or tea bag cleanser. Whatever option works for you, always clean the surface to prevent the clogging of your pores and finish with a splash of cold water. Cold water at the end of your cleansing closes your pores, protecting impurities from seeping in.

• Moisturizing helps your skin to retain its natural water. Moisturize daily, there are great ones available, so choose one that provides the right amount of moisture for your skin. Gauge how your skin feels at the end of the day. It should feel soft, moisturized and supple. Stay away from formulas that contain lanolin and mineral oil + once you find one you like use it religiously.

• Mask and scrubs are nice skin care treatments that provide great benefits when used appropriately. Once you have your basic cleanse and moisturize routine perfected, add a mask with the frequency that your particular product suggests. A mask is comparable to a deep conditioner for your hair; it’s an added treat that gives your skin instant added benefits. Rather you are using a moisturizing mask for deeper moisture benefits or a drying mask if you have combination skin, use a combo of both. Use scrubs sparingly, and follow the directions of the product carefully, they aid in exfoliating the top layer of the skin. Your skin naturally exfoliates itself at the end it’s natural cycle; however, ever so often, you can aide in the process by lightly exfoliating to speed the process up. Never over exfoliate, it can not only make your skin sensitive over time but can cause hyper/pigmentation issues.

• Maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet while drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day will provide you with optimal, inside out, beauty rewards.

By Contributing Blogger Courtney Rhodes @theBrandista