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Authentic Beauty: Finding Your Beauty Balance

Is it a revelation born from age and experience? I am not certain if it is an age thing or not, but nowadays, I find myself laser focused on simplifying and balancing my personal beauty regime. Today’s beauty market offers a vast multitude of beauty products but making a decision on the ‘right’ products can be quite a production! Just last week, after savoring every drop of Moroccan oil, I’m talking about- leaving the bottle upside down for two days. Perusing the hair care aisle for my next bottle resembled my last trip to the farmers market. There, I found myself spending a whopping amount of time deciding which tomatoes I wanted to buy. There were literally over twenty options, from four different countries, all seeming just as appealing as the next. It feels strange discussing the overwhelming options available to us now as opposed to when I was growing up. I longed for diverse options. Can a brandista ever have too many options?

The Moroccan oil purchase took twenty minutes, give or take; I browsed the various options, their ingredients and their brand promise. Finally, I made my “most educated” decision on which one would work best for my skin and hair needs- based on my limited knowledge. Yet, all the options and variations of the product blew me away! Really- how is a girl to know what’s going to work best without trying them all? And, who has the time or money for that? After careful consideration, and my daughter pleading ‘please just get one,’ I did. I resorted to the original brand I’ve been using for a few years. I purchased the oil, after also checking out the latest in hair serums, collagen infused this and that. Ohh- don’t we just love the promises to keep us young and beautiful?

Let’s be honest, no matter our regime, a part of how we feel about our beauty has less to do with the products, the makeup we apply and the hair style we rock. It has more to do with tapping into our inner beauty, the part of us that finds confidence in knowing what works best for us: our particular look, DNA and beauty goals. It entails knowing what your personal beauty priorities are according to “your” lifestyle. It is knowing how to decipher the barrage of new ideas and products for your hair, skin, nutrition and fitness and figure out which ones are the most essential assets for you.

Happy with my oil purchase + my continued search to simplify and tweak my own beauty regime, I have come to know beauty is more than our conventional hair, skincare and makeup regimes. If there is one lesson I have learned about balancing beauty, it is that its achievement is a very personal journey. The journey of discovering a balance between looking and feeling beautiful because you have found harmony throughout your mind, body and spirit.

By Contributing Blogger Courtney Rhodes @theBrandista