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5 Steps To Building A Responsive Movement & Community


By now surely you know that you MUST have the skill-set and ability to build and grow your own responsive community and movement. Commonly referred to as your own tribe or following who is on board with your mission and teachings.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I haven’t worked on building my Superwoman Lifestyle Movement over the last 9 years or so because it is just that crucial to the success of my business.

I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing my friend Debbie Phillips who is the creator of Women On Fire! Women on Fire is a community of women that has grown from small city-wide tea parties to a following of almost 100,000 women from all over the world! Debbie is a phenomenal coach and mentor for women globally who just has that special something that is hard to put into words.

I have to tell you how excited I am because I was there in the beginning at those tea parties and watched Debbie grow her small gatherings to a highly respected movement of women having a MAJOR impact on this world.

Debbie is especially close to my heart because through her first book, she allowed me to co-author a chapter where I was able to share my experience of giving birth to a stillborn child with the world. That is the type of avenue and platform she has given to hundreds of women as we all strive to heal from something.

Listen in on our interview and learn the 5 steps Debbie used to build her following and how YOU can use these strategies to build and increase your own Tribe! Nobody does it better than Debbie, find out why!