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Gabrielle Jordan On Balancing Entrepreneurship & Being A Kid

I finally caught up with young Superwoman in training, Miss Gabrielle Jordan of 14 years old. Our paths often cross at various events and at this point, I consider her a colleague of mine. I have known this young lady and her family for a few years now, she is one of the young entrepreneurs who hits the seminar circuit and regularly invests in herself and her business.

I am absolutely fascinated by the young people who are diving into entrepreneurship at younger and younger ages and I also know that ironically, they are inspiring a lot of adults watching them to step out there and go for it.

Gabrielle is the owner of Jewelz of Jordan, a jewelry line she started at the age of 9 years old. Since then she has expanded her brand to include Gabrielle Jordan International which is her speaking and authorship business.

I asked Gabrielle what on earth would make a 9 year old kid decide they wanted to go into business.

“I was inspired by my mom, dad and grandparents who I watched as entrepreneurs and I wanted to carry on the legacy,” she said.

Gabrielle once a very shy young girl has used entrepreneurship as a vehicle to come out of her shell and build relationships with people she meets and continues to learn from.


Gabrielle Speaks In Front Of HUGE Crowds!

Gabrielle has over 30 speaking engagements under her belt with plans to go international in the future. She is booked by youth and adult conferences looking for her to teach and inspire others on how to start and grow a successful business, as well as figure out your unique value and what is special about you as an individual. Gabrielle is currently an author with a brand new book being released in August of 2014.

While as adults it is a constant struggle to find balance in life and business, I wanted to know what challenges a 14 year old business owner faced.

“Balancing being an entrepreneur and kid and wanting to have fun. Sometimes I work too much and I have to figure out how to be a kid while being in business,” Gabrielle said.

Gabrielle Dishes Advice On Pushing Through

With such solid plans at an early age I could imagine that Gabrielle has some great advice for parents of other kids who are interested in entrepreneurship.

She urges parents to work with their kids and allow them to be expressive with their ideas, after all they are the bosses of their business. She credits her own mom with giving her the space to make many of her own business decisions.

Gabrielle’s mom serves as her manager (momager) in helping to guide Gabrielle’s career. I was curious to know if it was difficult for her to navigate having her mom being her mom AND her manager at the same time and if it caused any strain on their relationship.

She said that the key is handling any conflicts that arise right away by talking through it and working it out. Also to always be respectful of her mom.


Gabrielle & Vicki Irvin Being Honored By Entrepreneur Chereace Richards At An Event


Entrepreneurship and life are not easy for any adult and there exist those defining moments when we all want to throw in the towel and quit. Gabrielle told me how she handles it when those feelings arise,

“I remind myself why I started my business in the first place, the people I am helping and inspiring. What I am doing is no longer about me, it’s about what I am doing for others,” Gabrielle said.

Being an ambitious Superwoman often comes with challenges when it comes to maintaining friendships with others. Could Gabrielle at the age of 14 possibly be dealing with this too? Of course!

She credits a core group of friends for being genuine but admits she has lost some friends along the way due to jealousy. Gabrielle refers to them as dream killers and people more interested in hitting her up for money than being her real friends.


Showcasing Jewelz Of Jordan On TV

Gabrielle’s future plans include taking her love of jewelry even further. This ambitious young lady wants to become a gemologist and study in New York in addition to traveling to Africa and India to donate her time and teach other girls. She also plans to release four or five more books that become NY Times Best Sellers.

I am personally so inspired and motivated by Gabrielle and I know for a fact that her story is going to push at least one person off the fence who was debating on whether or not to pursue their dreams. I always say we can learn a lot from kids and young adults and she is a perfect example of just that.

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